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Pronet Data & IT Services.


Pronet Structured Cabling | IT

conocer a mujeres de 40 años Pronet’s team of qualified technicians will ensure your Information Technology and Telecommunication goals are achieved. We offer comprehensive data cabling installation and maintenance services on both new and existing systems, using our state of the art equipment

Your organization’s Structured Cabling and networking systems will be well advanced and well maintained by allowing Pronet’s team to do what they do best, service. Why not give us a call today to discover the difference Pronet can make to your business.
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Pronet Electrical

Electrical appliances and systems are increasingly dynamic and as such, they require regular, professional services to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your family. Pronet can conduct electrical test and tag procedures as well as the installation of safety switches for domestic, industrial and commercial customers.

Our ‘Emergency Service’ team is on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide efficient support for all your electrical issues.
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Pronet Audio Visual

Pronet is a long established supplier of quality audio visual equipment and services through NSW. We offer a wide range of products and services to clients from all sectors including; hospitality, hotels and even your home.

Our team will provide guidance and advice during the consultation process and negotiate with suppliers to ensure you receive the best price possible. We will streamline proceedings and customise the audio visual package to suit the exact requirements of your function rooms, board rooms and other display spaces.
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Pronet Security & Surveillance

Our team of security installation specialists offers over a decade’s worth of experience in the security and surveillance industry. We can tailor our technology to meet the strict security needs of your business. Our extensive range of products includes; Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Entry/Identification and Alarm Systems for all domestic and commercial purpose.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade existing hardware or adopt brand new security systems, contact our team to see how we can help.
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Pronet Project Management

Pronet’s Project Management team is committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether in business or at home. The Project Management team works closely with our technical and Business Development representatives to ensure the timely and cost efficient delivery of your project without disruption to your day to day operations. With more than a decade of experience in managing electrical projects, from consultation and design to installation and maintenance, our team of experienced Project Managers will be your direct channel of communication. You can rest assured our team will iron out any potential bumps in your project long before they become a problem.
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Pronet Service & Maintenance

As well as offering comprehensive product advice and a quality and cost efficient delivery and installation service, Pronet are experts in providing a service and maintenance capability well advanced to that offered by our competitors. Our team works hard to maintain regular contact with our clients, ensuring that no matter how small or complex your service requirement, we will have a team of technicians on hand to get you back at full working capacity in no time.

Our technicians are certified in the maintenance of most things electrical. From power outlets to complex cabling platforms, Pronet will ensure your business remains at the forefront in operational capability.
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Please contact us for more information on our Data & IT Services.

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