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Security Systems.



Pronet has a system for all your domestic security systems needs. Whether it be camera surveillance, alarm systems or audio entry devices, our team of qualified technicians will estimate, document, quote, deliver and install a quality system to ensure the security of your home and all of its’ treasures. Ask us how.



You’ve put your heart and soul into planning, building and fostering your business into what it is today. Don’t risk losing everything by failing to install an adequate security system to protect from both internal and external risks. Ask us about how you can establish or enhance your existing security network, to give you peace of mind into the future.



Closed Circuit Television is proven to be one of the most effective crime deterrents in the world. Monitor the events in and around your facility with a state of the art CCTV system, transmitting images to one centralised location. Pronet will supply and install quality CCTV systems customized to the needs of your business.


Entry Systems

Monitor and filter the personnel entering and exiting your facility by installing Pronet’s advanced entry identification technology. By using fingerprint, swipe and voice identification technology, Pronet is able to help your business determine who enters and exits special areas of your building, ensuring restricted areas remain just that- restricted.


Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems are an integral part of any professional security system. Pronet’s range of alarm systems provides you with a comprehensive selection of quality products designed to keep your assets safe at all times. Whether you’re after silent alarm indicators or audio alarm systems, the team at Pronet can help.


Technology & Upgrades

Our Research Development team is constantly scrolling the market to identify advancements in technology to enhance your security capabilities. If your business requires a new security or surveillance system, upgrades or maintenance on your existing technology, Pronet has the qualified technicians to make it happen. 

Pronet Data is your Security Systems Expert.

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